Perlite! The popcorn of the soil additives. It is a staple in most potting soils and a must-have if you only have standard garden soil at hand that doesn’t drain well.

   -Improves aeration and drainage
   -Perfect for propagation
   -Carefully sifted from powders

Perlite is an amazing addition to your soil mix. It improves aeration and drainage qualities of any soil mix. Perlite is very light-weight and a sustainable resource. Perlite is also great for propagating plants, just fill the container with water and perlite and submerge the stem of the plant. 

This perlite is sifted carefully and won't stir up any powder when moving it around, making it safer than regular powdery perlite. The small particles are bad for your health and can get stuck in your lungs.