Notes on Mother's Day

Notes on Mother's Day

By The Garden

Notes on Mother's Day

Mother’s Day and The Language of Care 


The gifting of flowers is as old as the Grecian hills. In fact there is evidence to suggest that many of the world’s ancient civilisations used flowers as a means of communicating love and gratitude to the gods. In the 1700s, an entire language of flowers or ‘floriography’ was discovered by the French and English in Turkey and is still in use today to convey an array of human emotions. 

From scent, to colour, to the way in which flowers are arranged and last but not least, to the words we carefully choose to accompany them, the gifting of a bouquet shows we care. During this globally turbulent time, flowers have become an even more popular means of communicating love. For many, the isolation that can come with a day in lockdown can dissipate in an instant with the arrival of flowers to the door. 

This Mother’s Day, let those who have cared for you, know that you care for them with a hand-tied bouquet by The Garden, available for nationwide delivery by ordering online. Using wild flowers, seasonal blooms and Irish-grown foliage, our Mother’s Day bouquets feature magnolias (for dignity and nobility), ranunculus (for charm), spring flowers bulbs (symbolising rebirth and new beginnings), hyacinths (for consistency and sincerity) and blossom branches (for love, beauty and strength) in shades of orange, yellow, pink and lilac. 

“Jo had learned that hearts, like flowers, cannot be rudely handled, but must open naturally”

Little Women, Louisa May Alcott 


A Childhood Memory


This Mother’s Day, Mark Grehan, landscape designer, florist and founder of The Garden shares memories of gardening with his Mother while growing up in Connemara.


“Encouragement, back then and still to this day, is something my Mam has always given me. As I picked and pulled flowers from the roadside, she would let me bring them inside to create displays and small arrangements in vases for the house. I was always told that practice makes perfect and that the arrangements were beautiful no matter what they looked like.”


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Mark’s Bouquet Care Tips 

  1. It’s best to remove all wrapping to let the flowers breath.
  2. I recommend leaving your bouquet tied as the flowers have been arranged that way. However, if you need to untie it to fit your vase, your bouquet will still look great. 
  3. Make sure to trim the stems at an angle and about 3-5cm from the base
  4. Change the water every 2/3 days and add a tiny drop of washing liquid to keep germs at bay
  5. Keep your flowers out of direct sunlight and they will last longer for you.  
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