Notes on Easter Colour

Notes on Easter Colour

By The Garden

Notes on Easter Colour

The city is putting on a show this week, with the first of the trees coming into bud, blousy magnolias in full bloom, fresh green shoots of bracken unfurling and vibrant crocosmia springing up in the parks. 

Further afield in the countryside, the road sides are awash with hawthorn trees in full flower; their powerful sweet scent pervades the air. Thanks to the mild winter we’ve just had, blossom trees are blooming with more abundance than ever. Ulex europaeus (also known as gorse) is in flower too; coating the landscape in big brushstroke-like swathes of yellow and filling our noses with its coconutty aroma.


yellow spring flower bouquet


As Easter approaches, you’ll start to see more and more yellow appearing in our seasonal bouquets, like The South William Bouquet. Forsythia is a great example of a yellow flowering shrub that you can plant in the garden and cut as a flower. Even in bud, it's a beautiful addition to any arrangement. 


Connemara flower bouquet


When it comes to Easter blooming flowers, Ranunculus is a particular favourite of ours (you'll often find it in our Spring Jar Arrangement). Its sculptural petals open beautifully in mille-feuille-like layers. Lilac and pastel blue tones are traditional at this time of year and they work great with yellows. Try these spring favourites which are each coming into their own at the moment… 


Blue Delphinium - a tall structured flower that works best in taller bouquets or vases 

Agapanthus - a tall structured flower with good lasting power that works really well as a single stem or in small bunches. It petals have a faded blue tone.

Clematis Blue Pirouette - this has a beautiful elegance to it, providing a nice pop of colour in bouquets.

Veronica - this tall, spiked perennial symbolises healing, recovery and joyfulness.

Ammi Visnaga - a lovely meadow style flower which works beautifully in bouquets and reminds us of meadowsweet growing in the fields. It’s arrival is a sign that Summer is near. 

Allium Hollandicum aka 'Purple Sensation' - a bulb style flower normally found flowering amongst the tulips in the garden in May.

Eryngium aka ‘Sea Holly’ - a bristly flower that lasts forever in a vase and dries beautifully too. It’s great in a long lasting bouquet and also works well in wreaths.


Irish Easter chocolate Bean & Goose


Discover our collection of Easter wreaths (try them hanging on your door or flat on the table with some candles) and bouquets or visit us in store to shop Irish-made Easter chocolate treats by Bean & Goose, egg-themed decorations for festooning branches and a new delivery of boldly coloured ceramic plant pots.