Notes on Summer Houseplant Care

Notes on Summer Houseplant Care

By The Garden

Notes on Summer Houseplant Care

A change in the seasons can affect the way you care for your houseplants. Below, we have outlined our tried and tested tips on best managing greenery in the warmer months. 

1. Seek shade for some

More sun in the summertime means you might need to move your plants around. Some houseplants like FernsSansevieria, Monstera Deliciosa (Swiss Cheese plant), Philodendron and Spiderplants much prefer shadier spots, and a touch of humidity. Keep them happy in a shady spot and with frequent spritzes of water. 

2. Seek sun for others

Other plants prefer brighter spots. Succulents and Cacti, including Aloe Vera, Crassula (jade plant), Euphorbia Erythrea (Candleabra Cactus) are all great plants that love full, direct sun. These all require very little maintenance.

3. Check in

Weekly Check-Ins: As your plants conditions change with the seasons, it's important to keep an eye on them and check in once a week or fortnight to see how they're doing. For example, if your plant is losing leaves or turning yellow/brown, it is usually a sign that the watering sequence is not quite right for that specific plant.

4. Watch out for overwatering

Overwatering: We find the most common problem with caring for houseplants in general is actually overwatering. It's important to soak the compost thoroughly, however you should try to allow the soil to dry out fully before you water again, usually after 7-14 days. Try to make sure the plant does not sit in water for any prolonged period of time, especially if the plant is in a decorative pot which might not have any drainage holes. 

5. Keep them fed
A good tip for all houseplants is to use a good fertiliser or tomato feed every six weeks when the growing season returns, around March through October in Ireland. This will maximise your plant's growth, and ensure they have all the nutrients to continue growing.  
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