Notes on Winter Houseplant Care

Notes on Winter Houseplant Care

By The Garden

Notes on Winter Houseplant Care

Winter's low light conditions and cold temperatures can wreak havoc on our plants, both indoor and outdoor. However, while outside you might be busy pruning and weeding, inside it's best to resist any drastic plant care activity. Here are our top tips on caring for your houseplants this winter.


1. Watering 

Plants go into a hibernation mode of sorts over winter and as a result, they require less water than usual. For plants that require lots of water, try cutting back to watering just twice a month. If you’re unsure whether your plant needs watering, put a finger into the soil at least one knuckle deep. If it’s dry, it’s time to water! If you're a little forgetful or are on the hunt for something that's relatively low maintenance, try the hardy Zamioculcas Zamiifolia or the 'ZZ Plant'. 


Zamioculcas Zamiifolia - ZZ Plant nationwide delivery Ireland houseplant

2. Light

During winter, the sun is much lower in the sky and therefore, plants that may thrive during the summer away from the window, might need to be moved to a windowsill during winter. If you live in a darker space, Monster Deliciosa aka 'the Swiss cheese plant' is the perfect plan for low light conditions. 


Monster deliciousa cheese plant Ireland nationwide delivery houseplant


3. Maintenance  

In preparation for winter, plants will often drop some leaves - this is nothing to worry about. However, do be sure to remove any browning or yellowing leaves as this prevents the plant from directing its energy where it's not needed. Winter is also a good time to dust leaves (a damp cloth will do the trick) and banish any pests if you find some. 

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4. Plant Feed

We recommend holding off on feeding your plants during winter and resuming when spring arrives and your plants are anticipating new growth. 

5. Big Changes  

Another thing to avoid is any drastic changes to your plant’s environment - that can mean repotting or any placing your plant in an area where it might struggle with temperature extremes e.g. draughts or heaters. 


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