Notes on 'A Break in the Path'

Notes on 'A Break in the Path'

By The Garden

Notes on 'A Break in the Path'

This September, in recognition of Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, we are launching a limited-edition tote bag in collaboration with embroidery artist, Domino Whisker. In April 2021, Domino lost her father, artist Charlie Whisker, to Alzheimer’s. Domino has spoken openly about her experience, using social media, TV and press to spread awareness and encourage conversation around the disease.

The A Break in the Path’ tote bag features an embroidered flower, breaking through the ground, symbolising the daily struggle faced by Alzheimer’s sufferers, and the brief moments of respite they can experience. The embroidery is based on the hardy but ethereal bog cotton gathered by Mark in his native Connemara, hand embroidered by Domino and reproduced on a limited run of 250 totes. The project is led by art director Ciana March.

To mark the launch of ‘A Break in the Path’, Irish photographer Philip White has created a series of images of Dublin documenting how lockdown has led to the rewilding of our towns and cities. The images show how tenderly flowers, grasses and plants have defied the odds to grow through the cracks of their harsh urban environments. Like Domino’s flower, the images speak to our common humanity as we seek out and create moments of beauty during times of uncertainty and struggle.

 The images will be displayed in store at The Garden as a standalone exhibition from Thursday 9th September, alongside Domino’s original embroidery, with complementary floral and plantscaping by Mark. The 100% organic cotton tote bags are on sale throughout the month, with all proceeds going to The Alzheimer Society of Ireland, a national non-profit organisation that advocates for, empowers and champions the rights of people living with dementia and their communities to quality support and services.

The bags are priced at €20 and are available from our shop The Garden, Powerscourt Townhouse, Dublin 2 and from our online shop.

Shop the tote here.